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Our strategy

At Pilot Logistics, we offer our clients various options to direct their cargo. We continually invest in our staff and systems, so that we can provide the best possible range of available solutions. And we offer our clients peace of mind, by connecting them with employees that they know they can count on to understand their business inside and out.
The quality of our systems also sets us apart, as these are built on platforms superior to those utilized by our competitors. The consistently reliable service we deliver through these systems, is one of the key reasons why we have been able to maintain such strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients.
Our success as a company depends on our ability to retain clients. For this reason, we place a much greater emphasis on caring for our existing clients, than we do on acquiring new business. We believe that if we keep giving our clients great service, our business will grow with them – and the reputation we build in the process, will also attract new business to us.

Solution: Best Service

Our logistics solutions cover every aspect of the supply chain. We have worked diligently with our clients to achieve such objectives as increasing the visibility of orders and requests, reducing extra inventory, controlling the cycle of inflated shipments, supervising and assigning responsibility and reducing overall supply chain expenses.
All of our solutions are developed internally, including all customs procedures, distribution processes and merchandise security tools. And each solution is backed by advanced information technology, to ensure the highest level of inventory visibility and tracking.
With Pilot Logistics, you have access to logistics experts who can assist you with customs fulfillment, restriction controls for imports and exports, and risk management on both sides of the border. Rely on us for the resources you need to help your team optimize your supply chain planning.