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What We Offer

Ground, Air and Ocean Cargo Freight

Dispatch and Customs Management

Inventory and Distribution Management

Co-packing & Re-packing

Visibility of Services (INTRANET)

Logistics Coordination

Our logistics and customs services are centered around ensuring prompt release of goods, aided by our skill in adapting to the specific needs of different markets. Using visionary processes supported by advanced technologies and managed by the industry’s best staff, we provide products and services that enable each of our clients to maximize the efficiency of their supply chain.

We work hard to continually evolve our processes, so that we can operate even more efficiently – and better meet the needs of our valued clients.

Our processes are designed to make optimal use of information, so that customs operations flow smoothly and with precision. This key strength, combined with our depth of knowledge of logistics, is what gives Pilot Logistics its competitive edge in the industry. We specialize in minimizing wait times for customs release and handling, so that our clients’ supply chains are never delayed or blocked. Because in any supply chain, “wait time” is costly.